BSEயில் 9 கம்பெனிகள் தற்காலிக நீக்கம்


The nine companies facing suspension are:

1. GCV Services Ltd,

2. Indo-Pacific Software and Entertainment Ltd,

3. IOL Netcom Ltd,

4. Jai Mata Glass Ltd,

5. Mahaan Foods Ltd,

6. Midfield Industries Ltd,

7. Priyadarshini Spinning Mills Ltd,

8. Regency Trust Ltd,

9. Suraj Industries Ltd.

These firms have not fulfilled the BSE requirements for continuous listing till the quarter ended December 2012, BSE said in a statement.


கீழேயிருக்கும் படங்கள், promoter holding மற்றும் pledged shares விபரங்கள்: நன்றி பிரசாந்த் கிரிஷ் @Prashanth_Krish. இவர் Yahoo! Technical Investor என்ற குரூப் (டெக்னிக்கல் அனாலிசிஸ் பற்றியது) நடத்தி வருகிறார்.

Charts, promoter holdings and pledged shares details courtesy: Prashanth Krish, Founder, Yahoo! Technical Investor group.

1. GCV Industries Ltd – Promoter Holdings: 4.25% (Dec-12)



2. Indo-Pacific Software and Entertainment Ltd: Promoter Holdings: 72.34%

2. Indo-Pacific Software

2. Indo-Pacific Software

3. IOL Netcom Ltd Promoter Holding: 2.29%

3. IOL Netcom

3. IOL Netcom


4. Jai Mata Glass Ltd: Promoter Holding: 44.41%

4. Jai Mata Glass

4. Jai Mata Glass


5. Mahaan Foods Ltd Promoter Holding: 52.26%

5. Mahaan Food Ind

5. Mahaan Food Ind


6. MidField Industries Ltd Promoter Holding: 51.24% (66% of which is





7. Priyadarshini Spinning Mills: 45.80 (23.87% of which is pledged)

7. Priyadarshini Spinning

7. Priyadarshini Spinning


8. Regency Trust: Promoter Holding 0.00%

8. Regency Trust

8. Regency Trust


9. Suraj Industries: No charts available. Promoter holding: 36.80%







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