M S Dhoni and Pune – Irony

I’ve boycotted the past 3 seasons of #IPL for my own reasons. I suspected of betting and it was there for all to see.
This season, I follow quite a handful of matches, again for my own reasons.
MI mathces – I’ve acquainted one youngster (during Vijay Hazare matches in Chennai) who is an ardent fan of MI and was talking passionately about all those young & upcoming players of that team. For his passion, I just want to pay a tribute by following MI matches, as and when possible. (*Conditions Aplly applied here 🙂 )
Bowlers: Rashid Khan (SRH) and Mujeeb Ur Rahman (KxiP) (17 years old kid from Afghanistan). Especially, the way Mujeeb bowled Kohli on that day.
I’ve to elaborate a further. On that day, in Star Sports #Dugout channel, the commentators were going like, “Oh! Kohli isn’t picked up by any of the current bowlers of KxiP, including Ashwin! So, fortune favors Kohli”. But Kohli was finding it difficult to pick up Mujeeb’s variations and eventually got bowled beautifully. Though Mujeen is young and new kid on the block, only time will tell whether he can sustain like Murali & Warne or fade away like other whizkids like Hirwani, LS, Ajanta Mendis.
Even Rashid Khan was taken to cleaners last night by flamboyant Chris Gayle. But  the Champions usually bounce back from their lows; and Rashid is one!
Most importanlty, I follow this #IPL2018 ‘cos this is devoid of those arrogant Aussies  Steve Smith and David Warner, THE CHEATS.
In a way, the whole life is a circle. i might sound a bit philosophical here. As mentioned before, though I didn’t follow the previous three seasons, I was aware of the happenings. Especially in 2017, the Pune team relegating MSD to a regular and elevating Steve Smith to captain the side. It didn’t go well with the MSD fans. However this year, there is no Pune team; no Steve Smith. But MSD will be captaining his ‘own’ side, where else, in Pune itself, thanks to TN’s Modi Haters and Cauvery Water Supporters.

So, guyz n galz, whenever you hit your lows, just hang in there. Form is temporary; Class is permanent!

Believe in yourselves! Wait for your time! You’ll get back to where you once were. No one can deny your place!

About KaalaiyumKaradiyum
Trying to be a system trader; but the discretion takes over and the system goes for a toss. Just hangin in. You can make it Babu! Don't give up!

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