Guthi Vankaaya Kuura – Recipe

“Epdi irundha naan, ipdi aayittaen” moment! “Konjam TA; Konjam samaiyal”
காளையும், கர(ண்)டியும்! இது எப்டியிர்க்கு?

Some whole groundnuts have been lying at home for a while. They’re well dried in this pre-summer weather and well ‘muthhi’fied too. And to make it more interesting, some ‘pinju’ brinjals were there too.
I took stock of what else are available.
‘Vellai Ellu” No; but black ones were there. Okay; fine!
Grated coconumt – Yup! On hand.
These were good enough for me to look into making this ‘yummy’ Guthi Vankaaya kuura! And this dish requires a ‘masala filling which needs to be ‘tight’. So, let’s look into it first.
To make this ‘thick’ paste…..
White Till seeds (preferably) – 3 tbl sp. (I used black ones as White ones were n/a)
Whole Dhania seeds – 3 tbl sp
Groundnuts – 6 tbl sp ( Till: Dhania: Peanuts = 1.1.2)
Whole Red chillies – Around 25 numbers (Bajikkaly, we’re ‘golttis’; hence, this much. If you’re ‘suave’, you may tone down on these guys, as per your ‘kaaram’ tolerance. 🙂
Copra – (Dessicated coconut or grated coconut) – 3 to 4 tbl sp.
Jeera – 1 tsp (Just a touch only; no need to be lavish on this one)
Dry roast the above stuff, separately, yup! separately until they’re golden brown. Make sure you do it on a low flame; you don’t want to burn them. Let them cool down. Add enough salt and grind them together into a powder first. Then add just enough H2O to make it into a thick paste. Again, you can let the mixie jar help you to make this powder into a thick paste.
Now, you should have this ‘gama, gama’ paste ready.
P.S: Make sure this paste a bit spicier than your usual as the addition of tamarind pulp while making gravy will tone down the ‘kaaram’ness.
Next, check this paste for salt too. This is more important as this is the one which is going to make those brinjals ‘yummy’.
In the meantime, cut and get ready the brinjals. You should know how to get them ready for ‘Nuuna vankkaaya pulusu’. With the ‘kaambus’ cut off; just bit of those ‘skirtings’ still on; and slitting them into four from bottom; not all the way across those skirtings but only up till those skirtings. “kat aachi; aanaa, kat aagala” like cut, it should be.
Check these brinjals for any ‘sothais’ and discard them. Soak the remainder in salt water.
Now, stuff these brinjals with the thick paste, we’ve already made.
If you’ve still some more paste available, even after stuffing all the brinjals, don’t worry; we can use it up in the gravy.
Okay! Stuffing done and over with. Let’s move on to make the gravy.
Oops! Some prefer to make this guthi vankaaya kuura dry; sans gravy. Mine is a variation and I ‘luv’ it as gravy. If you prefer to treat me with drier version, hey, who am I to complain? I’ll enjoy it too! Cheers!
Prep: Half a lemon sized tamarind – into pulp, please!
A couple of onions – chopped
And a couple of green chillies – slit (don’t bother to chop them too); some curry leaves, mustar seeds for tempering.
Gingelly oil is the ‘nalla ennay’ for this guy. But at home, no takers for it except me. So, I mix it with my share of rice. 🙂
Garlic – about 10 – 15 ‘pallus’
1. Heal oil in a pan or kadai. Add mustard seeds for tempering. Once it crackles, add chopped onions, slit green chillies, curry leaves & garlic and ‘vadhakki’fy for a while.
2. Now add the stuffed brinjals (make sure you’ve enough oil in the kadai) and cover the kadai with a lid. On a low flame, let the brinjals get vadhakkified.
3. Turn those brinjals over and sautee for another two minutes or so.
4. Make sure that you don’t burn the masala. Now add the tamarind pulp and any left over, excess masala paste. Add some water & again check for salt.
5. Cover and cook for about 8 – 10 more minutes on a low flame.
6. Now, you should have this thick, spicy, tasty guthi vankkaaya kuura ready!
7. If your neighbors ask you about ‘what’z cookin?’, then the credit goes to you for the way you’ve masterfully dry roasted those sesame seeds, dhania and groundnuts. Good job!
8. Bon Apetit!

Don’t be afraid to play around with the ingredients’ ratio and mess around with them to get what’s correct for you! Hey! Cooking is fun! 🙂

Please do drop in a line or two saying how well you’ve managed to cope up with my recipe ‘shtyle’. Cheers!